Artist Statement:

Amanda explores humanity in her artwork. Everything about being a human being and being alive is interesting to Amanda. She is trained in all subjects from still life, florals, and portraiture. She believes you cannot truly know a thing until you have drawn it and a life unexamined is not worth living. Her works are an examination of her subject.

Amanda tries to bring out the beautiful side of whatever she is painting or drawing! Life is too short to focus on the bad stuff. 

Amanda's style is rooted in realism embellished with bright colors and expressive brush strokes. Her influences range from the impressionist art movement to modern realism. Amanda enjoys the energy and movement in paintings and drawings which are not found in photographs. She believes in getting her hands dirty and bringing out personality in her artwork.

A flower is not just a flower, it is a pop of joy on a hard day!

A face is not just a face, it is a beautiful map of the life that person has lived.

An animal is not just an animal, it is a friend and citizen of the Earth. 

Amanda's upcomoning collection in January 2020 will focus on how humans interact with the Earth. Becoming environmentally conscious is an important goal for humanity as we approach a new set of challenges together.